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Not only do we specialise in residential projects, one of our biggest avenues of success is through contract supply. 

Contract supply is where we work with Architects, Main Contractors or Sub Contractors to supply and fit in new developments on a large scale basis. 

Here at Set in Stone, our workshop is geared up to take on some of the biggest worktop projects in the UK, with a quality guarantee as we scale. 

If you would like us to tender for your project, please do get in touch. 




Because we guarantee high quality results and pride ourselves in our excellent customer satisfaction, our one week turn around period is second to none from the consultation to the fitting. We have in-house staff to help and ensure pre-sale enquiries run smoothly, prioritising our customers hassle free experience. Our staff use their expertise to answer any questions and help the customer when choosing samples

We have a highly specialised team working with the templates and fitting the products with years worth of experience. Their specialist knowledge allows them to answer any design/ maintenance questions, and you, as a customer can utilise all of our staff's knowledge allowing you to make the perfect decision for your new kitchen. All services include a free matching chopping board and cleaning spray finishing off your brand new kitchen. All worktops include warranty. 

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