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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Stone Kitchen Worktops Derbyshire.

Have you recently renovated your kitchen and purchased brand new kitchen worktops? Here at Set in Stone, we want to educate you about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to looking after your brand new kitchen worktops. Now the hard work is out of the way, and your brand new kitchen has been installed, it is now down to you to keep your worktops in the best conditions. Let’s dive into our tops tips that we offer here at Set in Stone.

If you are extremely house proud and looking for the latest tips to keep your kitchen in the best conditions, follow the following advice.

Water Staines, if you are currently looking into the best ways to keep your kitchen worktops looking brand new stay away from spilling water on your new worktops. It is so important that you clear up any spillages, no matter the size these will leave a watermark on your worktop. If you leave water spillages to dry naturally, instead of cleaning them up right away this may result in unsightly limescale deposits which will sit off the areas where water has been spilt. This is most commonly found around taps, therefore it is important that you clear up behind yourself when running the water from the tap.

Always use a Chopping Board, the most crucial rule to keeping your worktop in the best condition is never ever cut directly onto the worktop. In the kitchen, your chopping board is your best friend, always use this I cannot stress this enough. Here at Set in Stone, we provide a free matching Chopping Board with every worktop we sell. This is to not only encourage the use of the chopping board, but it has a great aesthetic finish to the kitchen. Using a chopping board will not only prevent the damage to your worktops but it will stop the knives from blunting, keeping them in great condition.

Keep Hot Pans Away, never place a boiling hot pan directly onto the work surface, this will damage your brand new work surface. We would recommend you place your pans onto a separate surface until the cool down, this will help to maintain the quality of your work surface. Although the worktops we produce are heatproof, do not take advantage of this and place boiling hot pans straight onto the side.

Don’t get acidic things on your worktop, this is your chance to stop all acidic products from ruining your kitchen worktops. This includes products such as vinegar, perfume, fruit juice, nail varnish and many more. These products are extremely hard to remove without any harm done once they have come into contact with your kitchen worktop. This is due to the fact that these acidic products will damage the seal on the granite, making it easier for stains to appear.

Never cut raw meat on your kitchen worktops, similar to always using a chopping board, it is so important that you never cut raw meat on your kitchen worktops. This is general kitchen hygiene which you should be practising, but the meat will not harm your kitchen worktop, but what’s left behind could cause harm. This is your chance to use your chopping boards for all food prep in the kitchen!

Are you looking for a brand new kitchen worktop? Our team here at Set in Stone can help you find your ideal kitchen worktop. We are a family run business who pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction, working closely with our customers from start to finish. It is all about the finer details, and our installation team can deliver high-quality natural stone kitchen worktops to you. For more information, contact our team today!

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