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Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Looking to update the look of your kitchen? As 2022 began, many people made resolutions about becoming their interior designers. So researching what trends are coming up is critical. Set in Stone is here to give you an insight into the top kitchen trends of 2022 and inspire you to create your dream kitchen. By the end of reading this blog, we hope you will find the perfect Ideas for your kitchen, whether that be an open plan kitchen, a new colour scheme, upcycling old items, or even open shelving.

Natural Materials and Upcycling

One prominent trend that has become increasingly popular in 2021 and 2022 is the use of natural materials in kitchen layouts and kitchen cabinets. Marble, live-edge wood, houseplants, and unpainted wood will continue to be a growing trend. They have a rich aesthetic quality, and most importantly, natural materials have fantastic health benefits. For example, natural products usually aren't chemically treated, so that they will make your home a much safer environment for your family.

Additionally, recycling, upcycling and utilising what you have in your existing kitchen will be trending in the coming year! If you're looking to save resources and save money, here are some great ideas for your kitchen goals:

  • If you're into a stylish and modern organisation, you should try upcycling/reusing glass jars and containers. To test this, you can wash out your old pots and repurpose them to become a new home for your tea, pasta, or rice! If you're feeling creative, why don't you have a go at painting them for a decorative statement?

  • However, if you’re interested in upcycling your tables, kitchen cupboards and chairs, you can get imaginative and repaint them! Please take a look at the colour palette trends for 2022, or even switch it up and add a pop of contrasting colour to make a statement.

Kitchen Colour Trends for 2022

One of the most critical trends in 2022 to look out for when planning a redesign is colour palettes and schemes, as they will significantly impact how people will feel in the room. Also, when choosing a colour palette for your new kitchen, it is crucial to think carefully, as it will probably last for at least a decade or longer. Here are some of the predicted trending colours for 2022 to remodel your kitchen with:

  • Popular tones for kitchens are wooden, earthy, and neutral tones such as grey, beige, greens, browns, rusty oranges, and wooden cabinetry.

  • Another staple has a white kitchen which is always trending and will continue to in many years to come. Having a white kitchen is great for small kitchen's because they usually don't have a lot of natural light. Therefore, having a predominantly white kitchen will make it come across bigger and lighter.

  • Chartreuse is an excellent colour for your kitchen units if you want to represent a lively, vibrant and fun atmosphere as the yellow-green brings out the brightness of your interior.

Diverse Materials at Set In Stone

Looking out for the trending materials is very important when you are planning on redesigning your kitchen! One prediction for 2022 is that many diverse materials such as quartz, granite and porcelain will still be going strong, and they have been popular for many years. The demand for quartz is predicted to grow even more in 2022, so it is a trend to watch out for and consider when remodelling your kitchen.

Set in Stone has a specialist team who offer these materials, which can be used for many products such as kitchen island worktops and tiling. These are made 'house', which ensure they are entirely bespoke and designed with stunning patterns to make your kitchen stand out. If you're looking at seeing your kitchen dreams come to life, please get in touch with the team for further information or if you wish to visit our showroom.

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