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The Benefits of Quartz Worktops

A Quartz Worktop is an investment piece. At Set In Stone, we regard Quartz as one of the most hard-wearing and high-quality materials, making it the optimum choice for a kitchen, bathroom, or other work surfaces. Did you know that Quartz stone is naturally scratch-resistant, with the exception of materials such as Diamond, Topaz and Sapphires? - this fact is among the many benefits of this desirable natural stone. As one of our most sought after materials for kitchen worktops, Set In Stone is on hand to detail to our customers the benefits of Quartz work surfaces; and why you should invest in an expertly crafted piece from our ‘in-house’ workshop.

The Benefits of Quartz Worktops

Although Quartz is more expensive per square foot in comparison to other stone material surfaces, the quality is second to none - ultimately making it an investment piece for your work surface. Following are further benefits of Quartz Worktops:

Adds Value To A Property: The bespoke design sustainable and hard-wearing properties of Quartz materials make for gorgeous work surfaces that enrich a property with luxury. Investing in such a surface ultimately adds value to your property and makes it more desirable to prospective guests, tenants and buyers.

Bespoke Design: Natural stone surfaces have a unique feel and intricate designs. No two slabs are the same, which is considerably attractive to many individuals. Each Quartz surface from Set In Stone has been handcrafted within our ‘in-house’ workshop - further adding to the bespoke and personal feel.

Durability: With the exception of the three materials listed above, Quartz is considered an incredibly durable solid surface, making it the ideal material for a kitchen or bathroom counter. Quartz countertops are also easy to clean - something that contributes to the overall aesthetic of value and luxury.

Why Should You Choose Set In Stone?

At Set In Stone, each of our bespoke worktops is expertly crafted in our ‘in-house’ workshop. Each natural stone Quartz Worktop surface is unique intricately designed with a beautiful pattern that will not be found anywhere else. When choosing Set In Stone, you can rest assured that your natural stone worktop is in safe hands. Crafted with keen attention to detail, worktops of this kind make for the perfect addition to any room.

The beauty of a bespoke Quartz work surface will never fail to impress. The material’s strength perfectly complements its durability, whilst its unique detailing adds an unprecedented degree of luxury to any room in which it is placed - making it a popular choice amongst our extensive collection of engineered stone surfaces. At Set In Stone, we provide an extensive range of quality, unique natural stone surfaces; available to be installed and all for a desirable price! Our team are on hand to bring your dream kitchen to life by creating the perfect work surface. Should you wish to enquire further regarding our services, contact the team today! Alternatively, come and visit our showroom.

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