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Choosing the right commercial kitchen worktop

Finding the right commercial kitchen worktop can totally transform the aesthetic and functionality of your commercial kitchen, yet there are so many different choices to choose between. Uncovering the ideal match for your unique wants and needs doesn't have to be as difficult as you might expect, as this guide contains everything that you need to know to make the right decision. If you're interested in finding out more about choosing the right commercial kitchen countertop, then simply read on.


One of the main features that you need to focus on when purchasing your commercial kitchen countertop is durability. Commercial kitchens are one of the busiest settings, and those who operate inside such an environment will be using sharp equipment that could easily do real damage to a material that doesn't match up in terms of strength. Stone is an excellent choice when attempting to promote durability, as it's a super hard-wearing material that can easily stand the test of time. Stone worktops can also withstand considerable heat, making them an ideal choice for a commercial kitchen. Be sure to always focus your efforts into finding the most durable material for your countertops, as you don't want to fall victim to breakage or damage when you desperately need your commercial kitchen to be fully operational.


Finding the most affordable commercial kitchen worktop option will relieve so much pressure from your shoulders, as it can often cost an enormous amount to invest in commercial kitchen equipment burning a hole right through your budget. Stone countertops are such a cost effective option, as you can source the best quality stone worktop for a price tag that doesn't cause damage when you take into consideration that such a material will stand strong for years to come.


The way your commercial kitchen worktop looks will have a massive impact, especially if your customers can see inside your kitchen. It's absolutely essential that you can take the time to choose the most appropriate colour scheme and design features that match up with the rest of your commercial kitchen and brand as a whole, and that couldn't be easier when there are just so many different stone surfaces available. Every slab of granite and stone is unique, boasting its specific colours and textures to create a unique commercial kitchen space.


It's always important to think about what upkeep your new commercial kitchen worktop will need to remain both beautiful and functional, as this will impact your day to day use of the surface. Unfortunately, some stones do not take well to spills, especially those which are more acidic. As long as you are there to wipe away this spill in good time, you won't have any problems - however, any damage will be irreversible.

Finding the ideal commercial kitchen countertop that fully caters to your needs will be so much easier when you can take the time to consult with an expert at Set In Stone.

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