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Choosing the right commercial kitchen worktop

When it comes to having a kitchen, there are many different things that you need to consider. This can include functionality, durability, design and many more things. However, if you are just starting out and have little knowledge of kitchens and kitchen worktops then this can be quite daunting. That’s why Set In Stone have put together some of the best kitchen worktops and why they might just be the right worktop for your kitchen.


A great commercial kitchen worktop to use is a granite material. One of the main benefits of using a granite worktop is that it is extremely low maintenance. It is one of the strongest natural stones across the countertop range. The surface will not scratch or break as easily as some other worktops that are available meaning that they will last much longer.

The only thing we would recommend with granite is to seal it annually and to make sure to clean it regularly. Now this can be after every use or once a week. However it is still important to look after your worktops even if they are extremely robust.

Another great reason to choose a granite surface is that unlike stainless steel worktops, they are low heat conductors. Naturally, they will almost absorb any heat placed on them without taking much damage or making the surface hot to touch. This is a brilliant feature for kitchen worktops as you will be able to put hot dishes or catering equipment on the surface with little consequence.

Not only this but granite comes in a great range of designs and colours. From steel grey to black forest, granite can really bring out the stylish side of any kitchen.


Known for its modern and sleek designs, quartz is one of the best worktop products when it comes to a flawless finish and design. This is achieved through the ground crystals used and the level of coarseness that is applied. The coarser the crystals are, the more flecked the surface whereas more refined crystals will give a smoother finish.

The overall colour of the worktop can also be altered to someone’s liking. Changing the pigments of the worktop can completely change the colour of the surface. Alternatively, you can change the pigments so that the quartz can take up the appearance of a different stone such as granite or marble.

Despite being stylish, that isn’t the only reason to choose quartz. It is also extremely hard wearing and resistant to things like stains and cracks. They do not require sealing or resealing and are very low maintenance. Quartz only needs to be cleaned as regularly as you would want to, however, we do recommend doing this as regularly as possible to keep the surface looking as pristine as possible.


One of the great things about laminate is the price. You may be in the situation where you like the look of a granite or quartz worktop but simply don’t want to spend the extra money. In that instance, laminate is likely to be the right choice for you.

The surface is still highly durable and can’t be scratched or damaged very easily making it a great option for when preparing meals. If you do happen to damage the surface, the great thing about laminate is that it can be replaced at a much cheaper rate than other surfaces. Like other surfaces, it is still really important that you clean this surface after use, especially if you have had food on there.

Laminate will usually come in a wood design and can be found in a range of colours. By choosing a laminate, it enables you to be able to have a lot more freedom on how you want the worktop to look and any colours.

You should now hopefully have a much better understanding of the different worktops which are available and also which one is right for you. However, if you are still unsure and wish to speak to a professional, then make sure to get in touch with a professional here at Set In Stone.

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