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Kitchen Worktops: What’s Right For Me?

Are you currently in the process of designing and fitting a brand new Kitchen/Bathroom? Here at Set in Stone, we provide high-quality kitchen worktops for you to choose from. We want to talk you through the process, from the selection of your preferred material to the fitting of the worktop, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Initially, you will be in contact with the team here at Set In Stone, we will assist you on the selection of your preferred material. From here, our in house team will order the material in full slabs, this then allows us to make each product bespoke to our individual customers.

Once we get the correct measurements, the material will be sent to our in house laser cutter where our team of highly trained professionals will cut the material to the exact size required for each individual customer. The finishing touches will be made such as polishing the material and cutting out grooves to make the product bespoke to your own style.

When choosing your brand new kitchen worktop, we want to make sure the interior is appropriate to your style in your home. It’s important to note that we provide you with samples, this is to help you make a firm decision on the final material of your choice. The final stages include our team hand-delivering your products straight to your door.


Traditionally, kitchen worktops were thick and hard-wearing, this could be whether your worktop was made from either stone or wood. Fast forward to today, and the trend is very different. Modern kitchen worktops are very sleek and minimalistic, designs with handless cupboard and sleek worktops are the latest trend which everyone it after. Following this trend, thinner worktops are the way forward when it comes to modern kitchens, it’s important to note that even though the worktops are thinner, they’re still very practical, durable and cost-effective.

Here at Set In Stone, we provide all our materials in either 20ml or 30ml thickness, this is something you should consider before placing an order. The durability of your worktop comes down to the stone itself, this isn’t due to the thickness you decide to go for. More often than not, the decision each of our customer goes for is down to their own personal taste.


Are you currently looking for a brand new kitchen worktop? The material you decide to go for must be appropriate and fitting to the interior of your home. It’s important that the interior flow isn’t interrupted by a brand new kitchen which feels out of place. We provide a wide range of materials for you to choose from. Take a look at our samples here. We have Granite, Marble and Quartz worktops for you to choose from, we want to make sure that we have something to suit different interior styles.

For any further information, contact us today we’re more than happy to help you throughout the process. We will work hard to transform your home, bringing high-quality material straight to you!

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