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The benefits of Granite Worktops

Granite is unarguably one of the strongest, most glamorous and most desired stones on the planet. This natural stone is formed from the slow crystallization of magma present underneath the Earth’s surface. The beauty of granite is not hidden; it always makes a bold statement wherever it is placed, none more so than our bespoke granite worktops. Set In Stone is on hand to detail the benefits of Granite Worktops when displayed in the home.


Granite can be used to bring a variety of colours and life to any space - and is a sought after surface because of this. Choose from bespoke, beautiful colours, graining patterns or perhaps that high gloss finish that will enhance your home; every natural stone slab is unique. AT Set In Stone, our worktops are of exceptional quality and, with such a wide range, we can find you the ideal high-quality granite worktop that looks perfect in your space.


As granite is heat resistant, stain-resistant, hardwearing and easy to clean, it makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom, breakfast bar or even the bar in your games room! Granite kitchen worktops are easy to maintain and clean - making them less likely to harbor any foodborne pathogens than other appropriate materials. The strength and durability of Granite worktop surfaces, coupled with the uniqueness and glamour of each stone, makes it the perfect choice for your room redecoration or refurbishment.

An Investment Piece

Although the cost of Granite stone surfaces is initially a little more expensive, the desirable natural stone will ultimately add value to your property - no matter where you decide to place it throughout your home. You can easily achieve an elegant, stunning finish and a beautiful ”show home” statement piece! If you are unsure of your kitchen design, trust that installing granite adds paramount levels of sophistication and opulence to your home.

Our stone worktops are made ‘in house’; therefore, they are entirely bespoke and expertly crafted. Each Granite worktop surface is designed with a unique and beautiful pattern that you may never find in another stone. When choosing Set In Stone, you can rest assured that your bespoke worktop is in safe hands - and is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, adding a unique element to any room.

The beauty of granite never fails to impress. Its strength and durability, coupled with the uniqueness and glamour of each piece, make it the perfect choice for luxurious granite worktops that will complement your home and give you an excellent finish. At Set in Stone, we strive to provide our customers with the most extensive range of granite worktops at the highest quality and best price. We can help you piece together your kitchen ideas whilst bringing your design to life with the help of our team of professionals. For any further information or if you wish to visit our showroom, please get in touch with the team.

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