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What is the best kitchen worktop for my space?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Beautiful stone worktops are a desired focal point of any kitchen. When choosing the best worktop for your home, fortunately, interior surfacing options are abundant. Amongst seemingly endless cuts and colours, finding the best solution to your interior intricacies can be made simpler by considering the following factors:


A penultimate factor for many when it comes to selecting their kitchen surface is the cost. Many stone materials are considered high-end priced. Therefore they do not always favour a customer's budget - however, quality kitchen work surfaces are undoubtedly an investment. In addition to adding a luxury tone to your kitchen, stone worktops are notorious for adding value to properties - therefore, they may even pay for themselves!

Customers who opt for lower-end surfaces often find themselves with reduced cost but a majorly lessened quality product - soon requiring extensive repairs and a potential entire resurfacing due to premature damage.


Something that will ultimately determine the worktop material you purchase is your kitchen space's shape and size. Kitchens are undoubtedly the house's hub; therefore, anything you can do to accentuate space is pivotal. Installation of a new surface will be most straightforward for those with kitchens filled with straight counters; more complex layouts will require careful consideration and an expert eye. Set In Stone would be glad to design solutions for problematic spaces, such as small kitchens or complication layouts. Our expertise in worktops and diverse home installation experience means we are confident in finding and installing the best worktop for your home.


Stylish stone surfaces are an effortless focal point within the kitchen; in conjunction with looking the part amongst your current interior, a worktop must meet all of your domestic needs. As worktop usage varies from household to household, so will the prospective stone worktops.

Upon speculating over a surface, you must consider its maintenance. Specific stones do not take well to any spillages. Therefore any damage inflicted upon the surface will be irreversible. How attentive you are will determine your surface's longevity; therefore, if you do not see yourself rushing frantically to clean acidic spills, it may be better to choose one that better and more practically suits you. Additional prospective complications include a surface susceptibility to damage from physical pressure and heat. Many stone surfaces will not take kindly to scratches – you should consider how susceptible to scratches you believe your worktop should be. Finding the ideal surface which will cater to your needs will be made much easier upon consultation with a professional at Set In Stone.

When selecting the perfect surface for your home, it is strongly recommended that you consult a professional fitting service. The team at Set In Stone consists of industry experts - our in-house workshop ensures we see to your material from selection to home delivery and installation. If you would like to enquire further regarding our worktop materials and services, contact us today.

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