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Why choose Set in Stone for your Construction Project?

Set in Stone are experienced fabricators and fitters of interior natural stone surfaces. Based in the beautiful Peak District town of Buxworth, Derbyshire. We are a family run business with years of experience in the granite and worktop industry. Over the years, we have built quality relationships we are exceedingly proud of; with multiple credible kitchen suppliers, construction companies and property developers. Thanks to this, we are able to a number of stone materials supply to a diverse range of clientele, extending our services to contract supply.

What is contract supply?

Not only do we specialize in residential projects, one of our biggest avenues of success is through contract supply. Contract supply is where we work supply building stones in a variety of colors to Architects, Main Contractors or Sub Contractors to supply and fit in new developments on a large scale basis.

Here at Set in Stone, our workshop is geared up to take on some of the biggest worktop projects in the UK, with a quality guarantee as we scale. From igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks, we have a variety of natural stones available. If you would like us to tender for your project, please do get in touch with the team today!

Why Choose Set in Stone?

Here at Set in Stone, we offer a wide variety of materials for you to choose from, including granite, Quartz and Porcelain. These materials can be used for everything from tiling, dinner tables, coffee tables, indoor slabs, to worktops. Our expert team will offer support, specialist knowledge on all types of stone, and help make your design ideas come to life.

We offer a wide range of high quality and attractive stone services, available in all colours to suit you and your perfect kitchen. We look forward to showing you our in-house workshop where our bespoke workmanship takes place. Our services include kitchen installation, vanities, cills, fire hearths, tables and wall cladding.

The benefits of choosing Set in Stone

Here at Set in Stone, our stone worktops are an ideal long-term investment - adding bespoke luxury and quality. This is an aspect of interior design considerably valued by property developers, as it adds much desirability to a building - whether it be residential or commercial.

Depending on the type of natural stone used, our worktops will infuse a property with much sophistication and vibrancy. Our stone products would be of significant benefit to any building contractor, a new build site or property developer as our worktops and accessories will make a large scale project more desirable. The worktops will be more durable, meaning there will not be replacement costs - meaning more profit!

Set in Stone guarantees high-end bespoke products for a lower and more reasonable price, and all our accessories and worktops include a warranty. We have a very successful client satisfaction and pride ourselves in this. Get in touch or come down to our showroom and meet our team who specialize in creating a bespoke plan, personalised to your needs.

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