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Why Stone Worktops Are Better Than Wooden Worktops

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, deciding which worktops are best for kitchens is among one of the most pivotal parts of the process. Modern kitchen renovations are inevitably met with overwhelming costs and gruelling consideration; frequently, many individuals find themselves conflicted between kitchen aesthetics and surface durability.

Here at Set In Stone, there is no compromise on the quality of our worktops; we are proud to offer a diverse range of natural stone surface materials that are both durable and desirable. Our expertise working with stone has enriched us with the knowledge of how the stone worktop is a considerably better choice for a new kitchen surface. This is because, when in the market for a new worktop, the most important factors to consider include the following:


Due to its prestigious and premium quality, stone surfaces can be considerably more expensive than wooden-worktop alternatives. However, it is important to factor in that wooden surfaces are far more susceptible to damage, ultimately resulting in excessive repair and replacement costs. Stone worktops are not only renowned for their durability ensuring that the initial investment will pay for itself over time. They are also

for their unique and intricate designs, a diverse range of colours and glossy finishes. Think of them as an investment.

Damage Resistance and Maintenance

Stone materials are hard wearing, therefore are considerably less susceptible to damage from scratching and are relatively resistant to heat. Ultimately, stone surfaces require far less maintenance, are easy to keep clean and last far longer due to their durability.

Unlike stone surfaces, wood worktops often fall victim to the infliction of heat from hot pans, water, heavy or sharp objects - in addition to being prone to scratches, these solid surface worktops will require monthly sealing with a specialist oil, in addition to other excessive and gruelling care rituals with specific cleaning products. Even with the utmost effort put into the care and attentiveness to solid wood surfaces, they will remain most likely in need of replacing within a matter of years after installation.


The immediate expense of stone work surfaces allures to its status of being a feature within lavish and tasteful properties - the aesthetics of such a material make is among one of the most desirable kitchen features. Whilst those installing their new stone surface will thrive on such an alliance to luxury, they are ultimately making a cost effective investment. Another intriguing element of investing in a natural stone surface is that each worktop is unique.

If the lifespan of your prospective worktop materials is of immediate concern, there is no material more durable and desirable than that of natural stone. Here at Set In Stone, we are considerably proud to offer stone surfaces that are attended to in house, from start to finish - and made to your unique specifications. To enquire further regarding a surface from our prestigious range of natural stone materials, or to talk to our team of specialists, get in touch today!

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